Lemon has many benefits for your health. Water, fruit and the leaf can be a medicine to high blood pressure, dysentery and vertigo. It can cure mouth odor, burn a fat, hamper the growth of bacteria that can attack the skin, overcome inflammation, as a mouthwash for someone with sore throat, overcome constipation, hemorrhoid, irregular menstruation, cure pimple, headache, cough, body odor, increase appetite, prevent hair loss, cure flu, fever, tonsil, help the digestive process and cure inflammation in the nose. It can use too for beauty treatment.

The acid flavor in lemon can help clean nicotine that appears in teeth and mouth of smoker. One of substance in lemon can decrease the cholesterol content in the blood that indirect can decrease the blood pressure. Drink the lemon water every morning, noon and night will make you slim because it can get rid the fat from your body. It can make your pores smaller and reduce the hot in the stomach. So it better to consume it for your everyday health. You will feel the benefit when you regular to drink it. The cheap price and easy to be found, makes this fruit as a favorite fruit. Many people have proved the benefits of lemon. Start your day with lemon and you will far from all kind of diseases.