Pain Around The Waist


Pain around the waist is  suffered by some people, especially happen to people who always sit. The symptoms of pain around the waist such as stiff until severe pain. This disease can appear suddenly or slowly in several hours or days. A patient can feel pain in the back of the ribs to the bottom of the buttocks but also can spread to the limbs. Many people think this is a kidney disease or kidney stone, whereas in many cases, pain around the waist is caused by the physical and mental or other factor that is not connected with kidney. Tumor can cause a pain around the waist. Another causes such as wrong position of the body, abnormality of spine because of a disease in the body organ (rheumatic and tension), do some movement that beyond the ability of joints and muscles in a long time and because of infection, wound, tumor or osteoporosis.

If pain around the waist because of tumor in spinal cord it usually starts with feel stiff in the waist then severe pain. But it can be caused too by kidney stone, inflammation in the kidney or stomach and stress (because of the tauten, stiff and pain of the spine).